Verizon ad

If you’re wondering what my type is when it comes to men, you need look no further than this Verizon ad from a few year back. It played on Hulu before just about every show we watched and I never got tired of it.

I’m super fond of the “boy next door” type. Kind of like Hal Sparks in Queer As Folk (but not Hal Sparks in real life.) This guy (Sean Klitzner) is so damn cute I just want to cuddle in front of a fire with him – hopefully it would lead to more. Part of it is the way he brushes the snow off his head. Part of it is DEFINITELY the sideburns.

I am pretty sure that Klitzner is straight, but a guy can dream, right? This will be the first of many posts that feature men that I like. And I think there’s a post in the offing about a current crush I have.