Unknown prospects

questions.jpegSo about 6-8 months ago, I put a personal ad on Craigslist. I had never really done anything like that before and I’d heard so many horror stories about Craigslist that I wasn’t sure that I would even like any of the outcomes. The ad basically said that I was married, knew I liked guys, and was looking for other guys like that as well. I didn’t want to meet up right away – preferred talking via e-mail or other similarly anonymous fashion (I had set up an e-mail just for this purpose.)

I got lots of replies. I got the weird ones, the ones that were 22 year old guys that were nothing like I was looking for. I did get a handful of married local guys to respond, but for some reason or another ,they just never went anywhere. I got LOTS of guys emailing me from out of state. This was weird to me because my ad talked specifically about being interested in meeting eventually, but I had also mentioned the not meeting right away thing so perhaps that emboldened some non-local guys that were looking for specific things. Who knows.

Anyway, I got a reply from a guy in Florida who has connections to my area and we started talking. We hit it off pretty well, and we added each other on Snapchat.  My Snapchat is different from all of my other online identifiers because I want that to remain relatively anonymous as well.  We talked for a while and then it kind of dropped off. He would message me every now and then and we’d talk, but it never struck me as something that had the potential for anything other than talk and “picture trading” to come of it.

He was back in my area of the country in December and almost messaged me, but chickened out. He’s married, has a couple kids, is about my age, and is intensely curious about what it’d be like to be with a man. I’m not crazy about the married part – my wife has told me that I should never be “the other woman” no matter what they tell me. But he’s really into me and is determined to make me his first.

So much of this is just fantasy but there’s this part of me that wants it to be a reality. He’s cute and the fact that he’s into me really turns me on as I don’t consider myself cute or sexy or anything like that. He is not sexual with his wife at all – the relationship is just stale in a lot of ways and he is craving touch in much the same way that I am. His lack of experience is appealing as I don’t have tons of experience myself and we’d be kind of exploring at the same level.

He’s thinking of coming back to the area in June and wants to meet for a beer and supper. I know he’ll want to do more, but I can’t do anything without my wife’s permission and even by June, our life will not have settled down enough for me to talk about it with her. Maybe that’s for the best – get a chance to meet and see if we have any chemistry with no expectations about anything physical. He understands that I can’t do anything without her permission and respects that.

A part of me can’t help but think it’s a serial killer that I’m talking to, but that’s just me coming up with a worst case scenario.

So who knows? Maybe it’ll amount to something. Maybe it won’t. I will say that having someone think I’m sexy again makes me feel pretty damn good, even if it is a married man half way across the country.